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Tagg Code

Tagg Code™ Dog Tags

Tagg Code™ Dog Tags

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Introducing Tagg Code™, an innovative and versatile platform meticulously crafted to serve as a pivotal tool in times of adversity or emergencies. The Tagg Code | MyT2id™ system comprises a sophisticated blend of integrated layers, offering a comprehensive solution.

Tailored to complement your dynamic lifestyle, our products are designed to furnish each user with a distinctive Tagg Code™ presented as a Quick Response Code (QR Code). With an embedded HIPAA-compliant portal, the Tagg Code™ product empowers first responders and medical professionals to access crucial personal health information swiftly. In addition, it initiates emergency notifications that trigger calls to your designated emergency contacts, keeping your family and loved ones informed whenever a crisis unfolds.

Unleash your adventurous spirit with the Tagg Code™ Dog Tags, allowing you to showcase your wild side. Embrace the warrior within and be prepared for any situation with Tagg Code™.

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