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Tagg Code

Tagg Code™ T2 | Stealth

Tagg Code™ T2 | Stealth

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Introducing Tagg Code™, a revolutionary platform meticulously crafted to serve as a vital catalyst during unexpected or emergency situations. The Tagg Code | MyT2id™ system comprises a sophisticated blend of integrated layers, designed to seamlessly support your dynamic lifestyle.

Each product within our range is ingeniously fashioned to provide every member with a distinct Tagg Code™ in the form of a Quick Response Code (QR Code). With the integration of a HIPAA-compliant portal, the Tagg Code™ product empowers first responders and medical personnel to access crucial personal health information swiftly. Furthermore, it initiates emergency notifications, activating calls to your designated emergency contacts and keeping your family and loved ones informed during critical situations.

The Tagg Code MyT2id™ | Stealth stands as the flagship of our second-generation products, introducing a new dimension of comfort, durability, customization, and flexibility. Engineered with a robust silicone strap, stainless steel pod, and a button-style clasp closure, the MyT2id™ | Stealth is not only a statement of style but also a reliable companion for your next adventure. Enhance your identity by adding a custom pod to make it uniquely yours. Experience the future of personal safety with Tagg Code™.

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