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Tagg Code

Tagg Code™ T2 | Custom Pod

Tagg Code™ T2 | Custom Pod

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Introducing Tagg Code™, an innovative and versatile platform meticulously crafted to serve as a catalyst during unforeseen emergencies. The Tagg Code | MyT2id™ system is a sophisticated integration of multiple layers, tailored to support your dynamic lifestyle. Each product is ingeniously designed to furnish every user with a distinctive Tagg Code™ represented by a Quick Response Code (QR Code).

Our products seamlessly blend with your active lifestyle, and the Tagg Code™ is more than just a code—it's a lifeline. The system features a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant portal, ensuring the security of your personal health information. In times of crisis, the Tagg Code™ product empowers first responders and medical professionals to access critical health data swiftly. It not only sends emergency notifications to your contacts but also alerts your family and loved ones, offering peace of mind during unexpected events.

Enhance your safety with the Tagg Code MyT2id™ Custom Pod, a perfect companion to our T2 | Stealth products. The front of the custom pod showcases engraved information, while the back proudly displays your unique Tagg Code. Please note that the font size will be adjusted based on the number of characters and lines.


Combine with a Tagg Code™ T2|Stealth Band for optimal functionality.

Kindly be aware that the font size will be adjusted based on the number of characters and lines for customization. Elevate your safety and style with Tagg Code™—where innovation meets peace of mind.

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